How You Can Help

Donate Button is funded by James Walton and the benefactors, affectionately known as the Marmaladers. If you enjoy using the videos and other materials on this website, you may wish to become a Marmalader too. Please note that there is no obligation to pay for using this website at all and under no circumstances must you feel in any way left out because you can’t donate, but any donation – however small – is much appreciated.

EmptyMarmaladeJar 3

If you are a child, please do not nag your parents to donate; we would much rather you enjoyed the videos and shared them with your friends – perhaps become a Junior Marmalader for free.

There are three ways for grown-ups to support Marmalade School:

  1. Buy a song from Bandcamp
  2. Make a one off donation through PayPal
  3. Become a Patron through the Patreon website

Many, many, many thanks!

Anything at all is much appreciated and will go directly toward the process of making the educational materials that you find on this website as well as the upkeep of the website (the domain name, etc). If you are able to donate, your name will be published on the Marmaladers page and in the credits of future Marmalade School videos, and we will be forever grateful.

Donate Button

Thank you for your interest in; please consider helping us out by sharing this website with your friends or by making a small donation. Have a lovely day! :-)



  1. Love the videos and really applaud the philosophy behind your project. I’m a primary teacher and music specialist too – good luck with everything and keep teaching musicianship (rather than the dreaded ‘I-got-distinction-for-my-grade-4’ attitude)!

  2. Looking at your times tables assessment made me smile and so I explored some more. I love the humour and warmth throughout the site and the videos are going to be very useful. Thank you for setting my week off with such a good start.

  3. Hi
    I have recently discovered your site. My Year 1 class love your Word Type Rap. I will be using more! And sharing them with colleagues too.

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