marmaladeschool.com is a chunky jar of educational goodness for you and your kids and your students and your granny.

Have a snoop around. Click on stuff. Enjoy!

If you like what you see, please spread the word via your social network of choice. You can get in touch with marmaladeschool.com by sending a carrier pigeon*. Want to know more about marmaladeschool and how it all began? Read this wee history. And feel free to subscribe to the blog for all the latest marmalade goodness.

Thanks for your time; take care and have a very lovely day :-)

– James Walton, founder of marmaladeschool.com

P.S.  If you really like what you see, perhaps you should join the team and become a Marmalader: click here.

Marmalade Mission Statement
To do a little bit each day to contribute toward the learning of anyone who wants it, and to do so with a smile :-)

*just nice things, please


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