The Marmaladers

The following delightful people are Marmalade School staff and/or benefactors, affectionately known as The Marmaladers:

  • James Walton, content-creator
  • Professor Gabriel Kennedy, resident genius
  • Janet and Francis Katamba
  • Lynsey and Austin Gardner
  • Joe Cooper
  • Cathy Hornby
  • Rosemary Wood
  • Danielle Boylan
  • Clare Somerset
  • Elizabeth Hindley
  • Philippa Dand
  • Teju Sonuga
  • Ursula Krystek-Walton

Fancy seeing your name on the list above? Find out how you can become a Marmalader!

And this motley crew are the Junior Marmaladers:

  • Alex Sir Pug of Puggingham, esq.
  • George Da Great One
  • Kornelia Nelly
  • Jasmine Chocolate Chip
  • Lucy Loo
  • Lili Minnimouse
  • Barney Barndawg
  • Emma P
  • Caleb C. Able
  • Francesca Chesca-Bob
  • William Sir Computer
  • Octavia OJ
  • Freda Smurf
  • Laura Trueblue1010
  • Dillon Bob10
  • Zak Attack
  • Charlie Chipmunk2002
  • Leah Chewbacca
  • Ruth Mrs Crazy
  • Callum Calpol
  • Connor Punk2040
  • Isla Yellow16
  • Finn Boy4
  • Lara Luluberry123
  • Kelsey Kelbell123
  • Magnus Boss04
  • Gregor MLG
  • Charlotte
  • Neve Speedy Gonzales
  • Angelina Pigeon
  • Alessandro Sushikid
  • Marcus Tun
  • Q ert
  • Bill uworkoutturbo
  • Liannet uworkoutturbo
  • Elizabeth Ellie
  • William Will
  • Deaton theoddballkid
  • Clare Swanny
  • Oliver Ols2302
  • Luke The Potato
  • Eva CraftyBeaver
  • Harrison Angel
  • KT Strawberry lace sprinkles

If you are interested in becoming a Marmalader or Junior Marmalader and having your name on this page as well as in the credits of future videos, you may wish to visit the ‘Become a Marmalader!‘ page.

Thank you :-)


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