MarmaladeSchool.com was established in early 2013 by James Walton, a primary school teacher teaching in Lancashire, UK. It started life in late 2011 as a small website called MrWalton.co.uk which functioned as a teeny-weeny virtual learning environment (c.f. Moodle) aimed at James’ pupils at the time (a delightful bunch of nineteen year 5 boys and girls, 9-10 years old).

MrWalton.co.uk consisted of a handful of educational videos inspired by people like Sal Khan and Vi Hart of the Khan Academy and Michael Stevens of VSauce but aimed at primary age children, specifically James’ class; there were also a few podcasts on there and a selection of homework tasks, a gallery of pupils’ art work and some quizzes etc. You get the idea.

The MrWalton.co.uk site was superseded when the school signed up for Moodle, a very successful e-learning platform which came to host much of the original content of MrWalton.co.uk. By this time, however, a couple of the YouTube videos were being viewed by people other than James’ school pupils, so it seemed a shame to dismantle the website entirely. Eventually this morphed into MarmaladeSchool.com, envisaged by James as a space for providing resources that might just fill a few gaps here and there in the educational world.

James runs the website and creates all the content from his Lancashire home in the rare spare moments between his teaching career, writing music, and spending time with his family. He often gets help from his very talented brother in-law, Professor Gabriel Kennedy and gets much inspiration from his pupils at school. James sees the educational world changing for the better in the hands of visionaries like Sal Khan and Sugata Mitra, and he wants to do his tiny bit to help.

Twitter: @theMrWalton

Bandcamp: MrWalton.bandcamp.com

YouTube: youtube.com/ClassWalton

Facebook: facebook.com/MarmaladeSchool

About.me: about.me/mrwalton

If you like MarmaladeSchool, you should consider becoming a Marmalader. Thanks :)


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