Handy Times Tables: TWOS (video)

MarmaladeSchool.com presents the second in a series of videos called Handy Times Tables.

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I know the two times table. I can count up and down in twos. I can identify even numbers.

This series is intended for mental-mathematics lesson starters/warm-ups or general multiplication tables practice. By engaging your hands, ears and eyes, this multi-sensory method for learning the patterns of the multiplication tables provides a good rote-learning-style foundation.

This second video in the serious (the two times table) can also be used for work on identifying even numbers.

Please note: this series of videos helps you to become familiar with the multiplication facts in sequence. Once you are confident with these patterns, your next step would be to learn the multiplication and division facts out of sequence, e.g: 3 x 2, 12 x 2, 9 x 2, etc.

Good luck!

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