Shape & Measurement: Quadrilaterals (song)

Do you know about your quadrilaterals? Rhombus, Square, Rectangle, Trapezium, Kite, Parallelogram.

Q-U-A-D-R-I-L-A-T-E-R-A-L – The Quadrilaterap

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Do you know about your quadrilaterals? You might call them quadrangles.
They’ve four sides and four internal angles.
And do you know they’ve all got different names.
That’s right; they’re not all the same – you know.I was getting off the rhombus so I rang the bell
And in a rhombus, you know, opposite sides are parallel;
Just like a square but squashed, all four sides measure the same
And t’opposite angles are equal – rhombus is the name.Now the square is a type of rectangle
’cause it’s got four equal 90 degree ‘square’ angles (that’s right);
But squares are square, all sides are the same;
Equilateral quadrilateral could be it’s nick-name.Climbing up the ladders, slipping down the slides:
The Trapezium’s just got one pair of parallel sides,
But this opposite parallel pair can’t be equal in measure.
Go get yo’self some of that golden trapezium treasure!If you ever find yourself out and about at night,
And you’re feeling a bit windy, why not go for a kite-flight?
There’s one line of symmetry, but nothing parallel;
It’s got two pairs of adjacent equal sides as well.

A parallelogram’s a quad sub-category
With opposite angles equal, a is a and b is b;
Opposite sides are parallel and they measure the same,
So rectangle, square and rhombus also go by this name.


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