Multiplication: Six Times Table (song)

A song all about the six times table that uses rhymes and a story to engage your memory.

If you like this, please consider downloading it via Bandcamp or sharing it with your friends.


1 x 6 is 6
I had a handful of sticks
1 x 6 is 6 and 2 x 6 is 12
I got those sticks and stuck them on my favourite shelf

Next to a plate of beans
3 x 6 is 18
3 6s is 18, 4 6s is 24
I got the plate of beans and took them to my friend next door

His name is Berty,
5 x 6 is 30

He said, “Your hands are looking dirty!”

6 x 6 is 36
“Well, I’ve been holding dirty sticks!”
Birty said “come in and wash” and why not stay for tea too!”
7 x 6 is 42. “I’d love to stay for tea too!”

I washed my hands before we ate,
8 x 6 is 48
9 x 6 is 54. There was a knocking at the door.
8 x 6 is 48, 9 x 6 is 54

10 x 60 is 60
It was Berty’s friend, Trixie.
She hand a hand full of sticks.
11 x 6 is 66

I said, “I like sticks too!”
12 x 6 is 72
So we all sat down and ate
13 x 6 is 78

At the Six Times Table…


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